The aim of the Conference, organized by Rzeszow University of Technology, PTETiS, is the presentation of scientific results, exchange of professional experiences and the integration of interdisciplinary scientific community in working on selected problems of electrical engineering, electronics, automation and mechatronics.

The predicted topics of the Conference include:

  • mathematical modeling of electromechanical, electrical and electronic components and systems,
  • new construction, technological and material solutions in electrical engineering and electronics,
  • generation, conversion and distribution systems of electrical energy,
  • control of machines and electric drives
  • modeling and analysis of electromagnetic fields,
  • models of power electronics elements and systems,
  • signal processing and conditioning,
  • modern electromobility problems,
  • problems of mechatronic and infotronic systems.

The topics of the Conference include:

Industry 4.0:
• Connecting machines, systems, processes and products in “intelligent” networks that supervise themselves, automated and robotic production systems,
• Diagnosing technological processes in real time,
• Methods and tools for modeling and simulation of selected automation systems,
• Design, construction, modeling, simulation and control of mechatronics systems
• Mechatronics measurement systems and sensors
• Actuators and servo-systems
• Unconventional electromechanical devices and drives
• Robotics and their applications
• Transportation and automotive
• Artificial intelligence and machine learning
• Intelligent buildings
• Systems engineering
• Bio – mechatronics and MEMS
• Material engineering and smart materials
• Smart Industry and Industry 4.0
• Rapid prototyping and 3D printing
• Trends in engineering education of mechatronics

Smart Electronics
• Synthesis and testing of microelectronic properties of MEMS and NEMS mechatronic systems,
• Implementation research of new electronic materials,
• Studies of static and dynamic temperature fields in electronic systems,
• Sensors in IoT
• Smartcity
• Processing, Optimization and processing of signals,
• Implementation of micro- and nanoelectronic structures

• Electric cars,
• Energoelectronics,
• Designing drives and control,
• Smart Grid – intelligent electrical grid,
• Energy storage,
• EV Charging i Blockchain,
• Electromobility in Poland,
• Infrastructure for electromobility (E-car i E-bus) – plans and challenges,
• Mathematical models of energoelectronic elements and systems,
• Methods and tools for modeling and simulation of selected electrical engineering systems,
• New design, technological and metrological solutions of electrotechnics,
• Control of electric machines, lighting, optical fibers.

Renewable Energy Sources:
• Photovoltaics,
• Wind energy,
• Heat pumps,
• Geothermal energy,
• Remote monitoring and anomaly investigation systems using AI,
• Cybersecurity of energy and ICT networks,
• Forecasting prices in the context of RES auctions